Safety in the transport of radioactive material

Image transportAergon assists its clients with their projects of design, development, approval and exploitation of radioactive material packages (class 7), for transports inside a nuclear site or on public roads.


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aergonpuce Our Skills


  • Expertise in the enforceable rules:
    • International regulations (IAEA, ADR, RID...)
    • Inside French nuclear sites (CEA, EDF, AREVA...)

  • Good knowledge of the approval process and of safety authorities' expectations
  • Strategies for package safety demonstration:
    • Definition of the package (optimized combination between the packaging and the content)
    • Specification and follow-up of tests & calculations
    • Writing of safety reports that meet safety authorities requirements
    • Integration of feedback (applicants, authorities)

Design & Calculation

  • Radiation protection and Criticality
  • Thermal : stationary and transient
  • Solid Mechanics : static and dynamic

Project Management

  • Assistance in obtaining the authority approval (follow-up of studies, manufacturing, tests, QA)
  • Assistance in transport management (adequacy material/packaging, planning, shipping control)
  • Computer development of Decision Support Tools (adequacy material/packaging...)


aergonpuce What makes us different

  • Team of experienced engineers with assorted skills including Security Advisor (road - class 7)
  • Documents' thorough cross-examination ensuring high quality deliverables
  • Small business with high responsiveness
  • Strong client satisfaction


aergonpuce Our Services

Need for Transport

  • Characterization of the content to be transported
  • Proposal / approval of transport strategies:
    • Adequacy analysis to an existing package design, or
    • Pre-design of a new package design

Safety Options

  • Strategy of Safety Options
  • Preliminary analysis / Pre-sizing
  • Safety Option Report

Calculation & Analysis

  • Mechanical and Thermal
  • Activity release, Radiolysis, Thermolysis
  • Radiation Protection & Criticality


  • Manufacturing specifications
  • Manufacturing QA and follow-up

Qualification tests

  • Regulatory test specifications:
    • Mechanical (free drop tests, penetration tests, stacking tests, immersion tests...)
    • Thermal (solar insolation, fire)
  • Testing follow-up and test reports

Safety report

  • Editing / review of technical documents
  • Creation of complete Package Design Safety Reports (PDSR)
  • Safety report review

Action plan & Improvements

  • Safety inventory & action plan:
    • Risk analysis and review of existing safety barriers
    • Safety improvement proposals
    • Risk analysis taking into account improvement proposals
    • Costs analysis of improvement proposals

Assessment by the competent authorities

  • On the side of the applicant :
    • Follow-up of the request to the authority (first approval, extension of approval, validation of foreign approval, approval on site ...)
  • On the side of the safety authority :
    • Safety reports assessment


aergonpuce Our Clients


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